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Categories of Separate Property in Marriage

But there are different property categories in marriage and not all properties will be divided between you and your ex. Separate property remains the belonging of one spouse, but it is not that easy to designate, explains a Denver, CO family attorney. Here are the primary categories of separate property: Property Acquired Before Marriage All the properties you […]

Divorce Advice from Laywers vs Friends

Divorce Advice from Family and Friends: Why You Shouldn’t Take Them Seriously

The decision to pursue or finalize divorce is not always an easy one. If you finally decided to call it quits, you are likely to receive tons of advice and support from friends and family members. This is especially true if a loved one or someone you know went through a divorce. No Comparison While […]

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Four Things to Prioritize When Moving to a New City

Before moving to a big city like Los Angeles, you should know how necessary it is to adjust to the place and follow its rules. For example, you must pay the city’s taxes, gather connections to advance your career, and maintain a healthy lifestyle to keep up with your work. Here’s an in-depth look at […]

Child Custory

The Proper Preparations for Winning Your Child Custody Case

Though divorce is a painful process to go through, Child Custodyighting for the rights to keep your children may prove more distressing. However, if you’ve decided to pursue the legal suit to keep your kids then be ready to go through some procedures. Also, keep these suggestions in mind so you can properly prepare yourself […]

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Seeking Justice and Compensation for Psychological Harm

Sometimes, skepticism is the initial response to any claim of legal compensation. But many know that emotional distress can be as debilitating as any physical injury. In the United States, law firms such as Marc J. Bern & Partners explain to their clients that distressing and debilitating emotional conditions arising from physical trauma or assault […]

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Budgeting: 5 Smart and Timeless Tips to Do it Like a Pro

Handling money is a life skill that everyone needs to learn. Cutting expenses to increase your savings is a part of it. It can be as huge as considering a foreclosure on your timeshare property or as simple as giving up that monthly magazine subscription. Smart budgeting is another part of it. Here are some timeless tips […]

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How Private Investigator Help in Personal and Organisational Issues

By Phil Press Institute | January 4, 2016

Using state-of-the-art surveillance equipment, private investigators set out each day to fulfil a client’s request. They have digital cameras and radio communications devices to carry on their tasks. Guided by extensive experience in the field, PIs offer services to find missing people or secure confidential information otherwise unavailable to the […]

Common Occurrence Doesn’t Make Wrong Diagnosis Less Serious

By Phil Press Institute | March 2, 2017

Under Illinois law, diagnosis is under the category of treatment of a disease. In more practical terms, it’s the first step to finding a cure to a person’s illness. Thus, it sets the tone on how all parties approach the treatment. Knowing the truth is inevitable in medical matters, because […]

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