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For Newlyweds: Adjustments to Make as a Married Couple

Imagine that you and your partner have already tied the knot and arrived back from your honeymoon. You’ve also already obtained your marriage certificate and consulted a firm in Utah like Buhler Thomas Law, P.C. for your Green Card. Things are finally starting to settle down. As they do, however, both of you should shift your […]

For Newlyweds: Adjustments to Make as a Married Couple

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Personal Injury: Understanding Premises Liability Cases

Among the most common lawsuits involving personal injury are slip and fall claims. Slip and fall accidents could happen virtually anywhere—inside a coffee shop, in a parking garage, even on a dangerously slippery walkway. In these cases, it could be difficult to determine who’s legally liable for an injury that resulted from the accident. This […]

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Could I File a Wrongful Death Claim If My Spouse Died in an Auto Accident?

Losing your spouse due to a senseless car accident is extremely devastating. Other than having to deal with grief, you need to secure your family’s financial future. If your spouse died due to another driver’s negligent actions that led to the auto accident, you might have a claim of wrongful death. To be successful, your wrongful death […]

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All Clear for Teeth Straightening

People love looking at a lovely smile. Humans are hard-wired to check out each other’s mouths to see what their lips are up to. Are they open in a big, wide friendly grin? Are they turned up at the corners but closed in a secretive way? Are they pursed tightly shut or set in a […]

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The 4 Types of Mediation in Divorce

When it comes to matters of divorce, different couples choose different ways to handle their case. One method of handling a divorce is seeking judicial arbitration mediation services. Divorce mediation is an alternative method to the legislative divorce and has its benefits. The role of mediators is to use their expertise in handling the case to the […]

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4 Ways to Present Yourself Well in a Child Support Hearing

By Phil Press Institute | May 2, 2016

When you get divorced but you have children together, you need to deal with child support. Whether you’re providing it or receiving it, you must go through child support hearings. The judge will determine the amount of child support needed based on the documents and financial information you will supply […]

The Light You Need On Birth Injury And Birth Injury Attorneys

By Phil Press Institute | February 7, 2016

A birth injury will often result in physical and emotional damage to the mother or the infant. If the damage arises due to negligence or malpractice, hiring an Atlanta birth injury attorney will be valuable in an effort to seek justice. When does negligence occur during delivery? A healthcare provider […]

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