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Understanding Dog Bite Laws and Statutes

Dog Bite Injury in ProvoDog owners have a very important responsibility to their neighborhood as well as to the larger community in general. While they are generally considered man’s best friends, dogs can sometimes ‘snap’. However, dog and animal experts agree that dogs will never bite unless provoked. The problem however, is that not many individuals know the boundaries of playful fun and provocative behavior.

Dog and Animal Bites

Animal behaviorists believe that aggression among dogs or dog biting behaviors are often a result of a deeper health problem. It may also result from frustrations coming from the manner in which the dog was reared. Nonetheless dogs are naturally social and play a lot. Because of this, it is crucial that victims of dog bites understand if it is a playful bite or not.

Laws and Statutes related to Dog Bites

All over the country, different states may have varying requirements for personal injury cases related to dog bites. In many states, one very crucial element that must be proven is that the attack or aggression was unprovoked.

Generally, as in any case of personal injury, if you were bitten by a dog, you only need to prove that:

  • A dog bit you resulting in injuries, either directly or indirectly,
  • There is an owner of the dog that bit you, and that you are suing him for damages, and that
  • You did not do anything to provoke the dog attack.

Different states will often include several other requirements which can include the location of the biting incident as well as the general circumstances surrounding the incident.

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Possible Defenses

Dog owners have their own legal defenses and are free to get a dog bite lawyer in Provo whenever they get to court to answer to personal injury claims. If the dog owner had adequate precautionary measures warning strangers of the possible danger of approaching his dog, yet this was not heeded, the court will usually rule in favor of the defendant. This example accounts for what is called in legal parlance ‘contributory negligence’. In most cases, a very valid defense will be the dog was provoked into attacking the plaintiff.

Penalties or Damages

Depending on the gravity of the injuries sustained, the court may entitle you to recover for your medical expenses, damage to property, wages lost, and the emotional anguish of going through pain and suffering.

While dog bite laws exist to protect the public against vicious dogs, care must be taken not to generalize all dogs as vicious. More importantly, it is crucial that you learn to respect dogs as unique living creatures as well.

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