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The 4 Types of Mediation in Divorce

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When it comes to matters of divorce, different couples choose different ways to handle their case. One method of handling a divorce is seeking judicial arbitration mediation services.

Divorce mediation is an alternative method to the legislative divorce and has its benefits. The role of mediators is to use their expertise in handling the case to the best interests of both parties. Below are four types of mediation:

Narrative Mediation

Just as the name suggests, this method of mediation focuses on the narration of each party. In the event of divorce, there must be a conflict that led to the disagreement, and each party should give their side of the story. The mediator helps to bridge the differences and create an agreement to resolve the conflict.

Evaluative Mediation

This type of mediation considers the legal issues that arise as a result of divorce rather than individual interests. The mediator hears what each party has to say and makes a recommendation depending on how a court proceeding would handle the case.

Facilitative Mediation

In this type of mediation, the goal is for the parties to agree. The agreement should be on the grounds of the objectives and needs of both parties. The two parties get to an agreement without the involvement of the mediator. The mediator only acts as a facilitator of the process.

Transformative Mediation

This process has the basis that mediation has the power to change the involved parties. The transformation happens due to the empowering change of the mediation. Individuals acknowledge that they have the power to make decisions as they wish and also include the feelings of the other party.

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Divorce mediation is not a one-size-fits-all. Some cases only need one technique while others require a combination of two or more techniques. The mediator, however, should remain as a neutral third party in the entire process. If you’re planning on a divorce, seek judicial arbitration mediation services for a successful divorce process.

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