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Special Investigative Techniques Used by Criminal Investigators

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Becoming a criminal investigator might be a dream come true for people with a knack for solving seemingly tricky puzzles. A criminal investigation is one of the fields where you will not miss job opportunities. It is also among the highest-paying specialties these days.

Fortunately, there is a way to get training without taking too much of your time if you cannot afford to attend live lectures. The solution is pursuing a criminal investigation training program online or via DVDs. One of the areas you will focus on in this program is special investigative techniques. Here are some of them:

Controlled Delivery

This technique is used to nab persons involved in the shipment of illegal goods across different border lines. In controlled delivery, the suspect and illicit goods are allowed to pass out of a territory under supervision and knowledge of law enforcers. The goods are then followed to identify the suspects involved in their shipments. Controlled delivery is usually used to catch organized criminal groups.

Electronic and Physical Surveillance

These form the oldest investigative techniques. In electronic monitoring, you will use different devices to uncover various operations and sometimes gather evidence of a crime for the prosecution of suspects. Physical surveillance involves following suspects, though some jurisdictions have restrictions on this, owing to people’s right to privacy.

Financial Analysis

This technique involves the scrutiny of a suspect’s financial records to determine unexplained cash sources or expenditures. These might be a pointer to organized crime activities or fraud. The three primary techniques used in financial analysis include the net worth, expenditure, and bank deposits methods.

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Investigative techniques are the pivotal elements in a criminal investigation. With a good grasp of the above methods, you can excel in the field and quickly advance in your career. To ensure that you get the best training, opt for an accredited learning institution.

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