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Protecting Yourself from the Consequences of Divorce with Prenuptial Agreements

PrenupWith high profile divorces hugging the limelight every now and then, you may think that this phenomenon is only a problem faced by celebrities. Looking around you, divorce is simply more a fact of life now than it ever was. Even couples who have been married for several decades can sometimes fall into the trap of calling it quits. While many would like closure to their previous relationships, the fact is that divorce is a long and tedious process, often requiring disputes over who should have what.

If you are not married yet and would like to protect yourself from any consequence of a future divorce, maybe entering a prenuptial agreement might help.

What’s a Prenup?

Prenuptial agreements are written documents that set forth ownership issues even before they get married. This means that whatever you decide on during the prenuptial agreement, then you are able to hold onto this should your marriage end in divorce. Call it an assurance that whatever wealth or property you bring into the marriage cannot be contested by your partner unless you are going to agree to a certain concession even before the marriage.

Why Get a Prenuptial Agreement?

While many consider that prenuptial agreements will provide the legal basis for the identification of which property rightfully belongs to whom, many experts believe that it has something to do more about being honest with your partner.

You should understand that prenuptial agreements require the expertise of Brisbane family lawyers and witnessed by competent individuals to make it legal and binding. By becoming forthright with your partner as to the division of your property as well as the potential earnings in the course of your relationship, either of you will have the opportunity to back out of the marriage if there is any provision in the agreement that either of you do not like. According to, choose Brisbane family lawyers who provide sensible, commercial solutions, while respecting the sensitivities of the situation if you want help for the prenuptial agreement.

Prenuptial agreements are also important to clearly identify the property that rightfully belongs to children of previous marriages. Others can also consider the prenup as adequate protection against the debts of their spouses should they incur some.

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Prenuptial agreements are not mandatory, though. However, with a lot of divorce proceedings dragging on for many years because they simply cannot decide on who has rights to the relationship’s finances and properties, it is often recommended that a prenuptial agreement be made even before you take your marriage vows. A family lawyer is more than capable to explain more about prenuptial agreements if you are interested.

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