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On Divorcing a Narcissist: Get Rid of the Added Emotional Baggage

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Divorce in DenverAny amount of narcissism in a marriage is unhealthy. It can create a cycle of dependency that makes it difficult for spouses to liberate themselves from the toxic marriage. Even if they are able to ask for a divorce, spouses have to deal with the narcissist as they put on a show, leading to a long, exhausting legal battle.

What Is a Narcissist?

A narcissist is more than just a person who is full of themselves. A narcissist is a person unable to tune into the emotions other people. They seldom take responsibility for their actions and make everything about themselves. Narcissistic personalities are more likely to manipulate their spouses and create a toxic marriage environment.

How Is Divorce with a Narcissist Different?

People have different ways of coping with divorce. It is normal to feel upset or angry, but a narcissist may refuse to move on and continually try to blame and hurt their previous partner. They often drag out divorce cases, which could cost time and money, as well as cause emotional trauma.

What Should You Do About It?

Be rational. Don’t allow your emotions to cloud your judgement. Even if your spouse is trying to provoke you, keep your response measured. What they say is not about you — it’s about them.

Face reality. Narcissists have an inherent desire to be someone they are not. It doesn’t matter how good you want your spouse to be. See them as they are, and not how you want them to be.

Set limits. A narcissist believes that their needs are always more important than others, and this makes them insensitive of personal boundaries. Communicate with them only when needed, and avoid any conversations that make light of you and your needs.

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Get support. Getting through the legal process means turning to loved ones for support. Spouses may need advice from a divorce attorney in Denver with an understanding of the narcissistic personality disorder.

Divorcing a narcissistic spouse can be agonizing. Spouses should not give in to the emotional baggage and surrender to their partner’s show boating. The moment they start reacting to their spouse’s narcissism is when they lose the battle. The secret is to put their feelings aside and approach things from a rational point of view.

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