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Life After Divorce: Successful Co-Parenting

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Successful Co-ParentingDivorce is never easy and clean. Splitting couples often argue about who doesn’t communicate properly, who gets what or how much, and who will have custody of the children. Despite the exchange of words, successful co-parenting is a possibility.

Effectiveness of Co-Parenting

According to a report, children in nuclear families, despite divorce, had the fewest psychosomatic problems. It also stated that children who lived or spent time separately with both parents displayed significantly fewer problems compared to kids who lived with only one parent.

The report further cited having everyday contact with both parents is of utmost importance in terms of dealing with stress compared to living in two different households. Despite separation, having co-parents double the resources a child gets, which include family, money and social circles, makes things more tolerable. With access to only half of these, a child will experience more stress and feel more vulnerable.

The child support attorneys from agree that divorced couples must make it a point to share co-parenting responsibilities for the sake of their children.

Successful Co-Parenting After Separation

Co-parenting and communicating is difficult because of the painful feelings and uneasiness of dealing with an ex-spouse. However, it is possible to raise a child or children successfully with the following advice:

  1. Joint custody is about working together despite the differences. Separating couples must bury the past and look to the future despite the problems they created for each other. Both must work together to help their kids grow and reach their full potential.
  2. Divorced couples need to make it easier on each other to see and take care of their child. It is common that one or the other spouse will make it hard for the other to see or take care of their child. This complicates matters and affects the future of their son or daughter.
  3. An open line of communication about the needs of the kids is important to co-parenting after divorce. Keep emails, phone calls or messages concise and centered on the children.
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By co-parenting despite your divorce, you are providing your child with a family safety net that goes beyond money. You are showing them that they really matter to you.

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