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Divorce in Utah: 3 Interesting Facts You Ought Know

Divorce Attorney in OremUtah ranks fourth in the U.S. with the least number of divorce cases (at least as of late). While it may say a lot about the kind of family values treasured in the state, divorce still happens — and it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Any experienced divorce attorney in Orem and Salt Lake City would tell you that if your marriage is no longer working out, then there isn’t really much point to stay together. Many married individuals, however, are quite half-hearted when it comes to filing for a divorce. Everyone has a reason for being reluctant, but having second thoughts about pursuing this legal solution may not help improve your situation in the long run.

If you have doubts whether divorce is the right route to take, look at these interesting, new statistics:

Your Second Marriage Would Most Likely Work Out

The Beehive State has registered an above-average divorce rates for many years, however, Utahns are among the Americans that are least likely to be divorced. It does seem paradoxical, but this happens because when individuals in Utah remarry, their second or third marriage usually end up successful.

Remarrying Might Be Successful If You Do It at the Right Age

According to a study by Nicholas Wolfinger, a sociology professor at University of Utah, getting married during your late 20s or early 30s reduces the likelihood of divorce. The report reveals that tying the knot between the ages 25 and 32 decreases the odds of divorce by 50%. If you get a divorce and remarry at the right age, then chances are your next marriage would work out.

Most Children View Divorce as the Right Solution to Marital Problems

If you’re one of those who are hesitant to file divorce to avoid a broken family, don’t worry because some children would prefer their parents to split if things aren’t really working out. A study shows that a large number of children with divorced couples believe that breakup was the adequate solution to their parents’ problematic marriage.

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Statistics may not guarantee anything, but at least you get an idea on what would most likely happen if you pursue divorce. In a decision that’s full of uncertainties, learning how the lives of others turn out can guide you toward making the right choice.

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