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Divorce Advice from Family and Friends: Why You Shouldn’t Take Them Seriously

The decision to pursue or finalize divorce is not always an easy one. If you finally decided to call it quits, you are likely to receive tons of advice and support from friends and family members. This is especially true if a loved one or someone you know went through a divorce.

No Comparison

While almost everyone will have something to say about your divorce, not all of them can give you an unbiased advice. As no two relationships are alike, you cannot compare your situation to your sister’s or your friend’s. While you both hate your spouses or have the same number of children, this will not affect custody decisions or assets and property division.

Every Case is Different

Divorce lawyers in Suffolk County, NY noted that your case is more than about splitting assets or deciding who gets the custody. Your friends and families also do not know how much your divorce is going to cost, as each case is different. While they may seem like they know everything, they cannot give you an idea of what the decisions might be and what might happen if your case goes to court.

You Need a Pro

You may have a close relationship with your friends and family, but it still unlikely that they know all the facts of your relationship. They also do not understand divorce law unless they actually work as a family attorney. Keep in mind that divorce is complicated. You need a lawyer who can protect your best interest and guide you throughout the process.

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Know What is Right and Wrong

Your friends and family members may have your best interest in mind, but it is also likely for them to sugarcoat things or encourage you to punish your spouse. With a divorce lawyer, however, they will examine the facts of your case and tell you what you can expect. They will also inform you of the things that can harm your divorce case, like getting revenge or posting mean comments on social media.

Do not make your divorce more stressful by bringing all your close friends and family members into it. It is best to closely work with your divorce lawyer to get an impartial advice.

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