The Phil Press Institute strives to be the website that delivers all types of news from law to business to the arts to features that touch people’s hearts. We aim to provide our visitors with in-depth analysis and insights rather than just the facts. The content we publish is fact-based with stories that will connect to every day Philadelphians.

At the Phil Press Institute, we believe that readers not only want the particulars, but also want a news site that connects the dots and provides the bigger picture. News is not just about delivering facts, although it is at its core, but also about how it affects everyday people. We want our readers to use the information we provide to make educated choices and opinions about current events not only in Philadelphia, but also the entire nation.

We strive to create and advertise a secure and encouraging community where readers can communicate and connect with each other.

Our features serve to provide you with information on current events, law, business, culture and the arts in Philadelphia and the rest of the country.

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