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Behaviors in Marriage That Can Lead to Divorce

After about eight years of marriage, many people in the country often choose to end their union by filing for a divorce. A lack of trust and espousing the wrong ideals are some of the factors that lead to divorce.

Divorce rates in America stand between 40 and 50 percent, with each marriage lasting an average of about eight years. Albuquerque divorce lawyers are well-aware of this high rate of marriage dissolution. And after helping numerous couples end their unions, such attorneys have great insight into the factors that lead to a divorce.

Buying into the wrong ideals

Steeped in some religious or cultural ideals, it is possible that some men may view their spouse not as a full partner but as a subordinate. This almost always brings about conflict, especially when the spouse doesn’t share this belief or hails from a different culture. Hanging on to such a belief system devalues the partner, making them feel inferior and inadequate.

The situation compounds when spouses are stripped off of their free will and forced to abide by draconian dictates. Spouses in such marriages feel trapped and are forever looking for a way out. As such, they will likely grab the chance to end the union and take back control of their lives.

Failing to trust your spouse

Marriage is meant to be a lifetime commitment and this calls for a great deal of trust between the marrying parties. Unfortunately, many unions embody the adage that familiarity breeds contempt. After one too many betrayals, one spouse is likely to lose their trust in their partner. Resentment creeps in and builds until it can no longer be contained.

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Having an open relationship with great communication is an effective way to build trust. Of course, each spouse needs to do their part and live up to their word for this to happen. It is of paramount importance that each spouse makes their partner feel valued and loved in the relationship. These efforts build a sense of security and confidence, which lay the foundations for mutual trust.

The average length of a marriage in the United States is about eight years after which many couples opt for a divorce. But, if each spouse commits to doing what it takes, married couples may be able to avoid some of the issues that lead to divorce.

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