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Beating a Speeding Ticket: Rules Every Driver Must Know

Beating a Speeding Ticket in SpringfieldMany drivers will get a speeding ticket at least once in their life. You're in a hurry to get somewhere so you happen to go faster than usual, and it's just your luck that an officer decides to pull you over. They say that you went over the speed limit, but did you really?

A surprising number of speeding tickets are issued in error. The radar gun they used may be improperly calibrated, or the traffic conditions meant that your speed was justifiable. There are many ways to fight a ticket and keep it off your record.

It's always a good idea to consult an attorney first. Traffic lawyers in Springfield, IL are experienced enough to tell which tickets are possible to beat in court, and which aren't. They can give you an overview of your situation, so you know what you can hope for and expect.

During the Stop

When you get pulled over, there are several things you must keep in mind. Take note of all the details that will come up in the trial. What is visibility like? How many cars are there on the road? Is the road a long, straight path with no clear hazards?

Make sure to be polite; officers are human too, and being sarcastic or confrontational will just make things harder for yourself. When they approach, keep your hands on the steering wheel to show that you don't have any weapons and don't pose an immediate threat.

Anything you say can be used as evidence, so be careful not to admit that you were speeding. If they ask you if you know why you were pulled over, say no and ask why.

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Afterward, take note of the following information: 

1. The device the officer used. Make sure that this is properly documented on the citation.

2. Where the officer was when they clocked your speed, and if they were moving.

3. Date when the device was last calibrated.

If the officer refuses to divulge any of this information, don't press the issue and just take a mental note of it.

When it comes to fighting a ticket in court, there are multiple possible defenses. The most common, of course, is to challenge the accuracy of the officer's radar gun and visual estimation. Other times, the lawyer might argue that traffic conditions justified it – if everyone was driving at that speed, for instance, going too slow would have risked an accident.

Try to share as many details as possible with your attorney, and you will likely have a solid case.

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