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3 of the Highest Paying Paralegal Jobs in the US Today

Paralegal JobWith a median annual salary of $48,800, being a paralegal is one of the most decent-paying jobs, among other social service jobs in the US. Considering that all you need to become a paralegal is a two-year associate degree, that salary is already substantial. But if you’re in search of paralegal jobs, you may want to consider targeting the high-paying ones, such as the following:

1. Paralegal at San Francisco

California is one of the higher paying states in the country. So, it’s no wonder that being a paralegal in San Francisco comes with an average annual pay of $70,400. After you complete your paralegal certificate online course, you might want to move to San Francisco to pursue your paralegal career.

2. Paralegal with Microsoft

Paralegals who work for the famous Microsoft Corporation earn an average salary of $72,000 a year. But if you have an advanced degree or more years of experience than the others, you might earn a higher salary. This soaring amount of salary is not that surprising. After all, Microsoft Corporation is a global leader in computer and technology industry.

3. Senior Paralegal at Allianz Global Investors

With significant years of working experience, you can be hired as a senior paralegal at Allianz Global Investors and earn a huge annual salary of $95,300. To be considered for this high-paying job, however, you need to offer more than a two-year associate degree. You’ll have better chances if you match your many years of working experience with an advanced degree.

Though these are remarkably high-paying jobs, remember that they come with a lot of responsibilities. You may not only be fulfilling paralegal duties, as you might be working with interns or acting as a case manager. So, make sure you’re prepared for those duties before sending out your application.

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