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3 Facts About Temporary Paralegal Jobs That are Actually Fallacies

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Online Paralegal ProgramParalegals nowadays come in different forms. Many work as freelancers, some make a living as an independent, and others are happy to being contractual employees. Even if most legal assistants of today still choose to clock in and clock out at regular offices, there’s no denying that temporary employment model appeals to a lot of young paralegals.

The problem is, most paralegals that aspire to explore the opportunities in the temp legal market are often discouraged before they see what the industry’s like themselves. Although some paralegals are disenchanted after getting dealt a bad hand, it would be unfair to generalize the experience of the few and make the reality, in a way, skewed.

You may hear awful stories every now and then, but it doesn’t mean these are absolutely true:

You’re Not Entitled to Benefits

If your client doesn’t provide you benefits as a contractual worker, the employment agency you work with to land the job might give you the perks full-time employees enjoy. In this setup, the agency is your employer, not the law firm where you actually provide your output.

If you’re able to find such a staffing firm, you’re in luck.

You Have No Say to Your Work Schedule

The reason most legal assistants take online paralegal programs is because of the flexibility; and you’re not going to lose this convenience when apply for temporary work.

Most law firms hiring temp legal assistants know they’re in this trade to take control of their time. This is why you can expect them to work with your schedule and give you some liberty toward choosing your assignments.

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You Can’t Be Promoted

Just because you’re not completely tied with a single firm doesn’t mean you wouldn’t have career growth. If you let your recruitment agency know that you’re open to take a permanent job in the future, they might find you a legal firm that’s willing to give you that position after your probation period.

Temporary legal work is fulfilling if you know how to play your cards right. While it’s not without pitfalls, you must get your misconceptions out of the way to explore the opportunities that await you in the market.

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